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А major spring event Web - Russian Internet Forum RIF+CIB 2013 had ended. We summarized and published the results: photos, presentations, survey of participants and other news and content from the event.

Николай Никифоров на открытии РИФ+КИБ 2013
Exhibition at Russian Internet Forum 2013

The Forum was opened by the Russian Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, who said on behalf of the government, that by 2018 high-speed internet access will be available across all regions of Russia; every year 20 million more people will use 4G Internet; more than 5 million households will receive the ability to connect to the fixed Internet at speeds of 100 Mbit / s.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addressed the forum participants on his Facebook page: The pace of development of Runet is not only an indicator of the capacity of the industry, but also of the new priorities for our society, which seeks to receive information, to use modern online services. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, citizens can expand their participation in addressing critical issues facing the country. The Prime Minister also said that through the Network government becomes more open and transparent.

Director of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) Sergey Plugotarenko presented Industry-wide report and named main figures and trends of 2013.


  • Russia has 64.4 million users with age over 18 years
  • By the number of users, Russia is the first in Europe and sixth in the world
  • .РФ domain is the most successful domain in the national alphabet
  • Russian Internet users spend online an average of 100 minutes per day, 37 of them using social networks (5th place in the world)
  • The average user spends 22.6 hours per month watching videos
  • Every day 18 million people use mobile internet (33% gain) with 1.2 million people use only mobile internet access
  • The most popular device for mobile internet access — a smartphone (80% of users)
  • On average smartphone user installed 19 applications, and on the tablet — 26
  • 25.1% of traffic to Russian sites is from mobile devices — third place in Europe
  • Four Russian companies are in the top 10 of media companies in Europe
  • Russian search engines answer 370 million requests per day (15% gain per year)
  • Russian Internet advertising market in 2013 grew by 35% and amounted to 56 billion rubles, e-commerce market exceeded 400 billion rubles, its gain is 27%.
  • Only 25% of the audience participated in e-gov services
  • The volume of the gaming industry in 2012 exceeded 41.9 billion rubles. Russian gaming industry has overtaken Russian box office


  • In 2013, smartphone sales will outstrip sales of feature phones
  • Over the past year in the areas of broadband access has become more accessible
  • E-commerce continues to make the greatest contribution to the Runet economy
  • RTB and other new advertising technologies emerged in the market
  • Serious attention from the government to the problem of the digital divide
  • Open Data movement is gaining traction and support from officials
  • The sharp increase in legislative initiatives to regulate the Internet
  • Russia has risen from 56 to 54th place in the international ranking of the Information Society by World Economic Forum

Projects and Documents

Following projects important for the industry were presented at the forum:

Within three days of the Conference, participants discussed current industry problems and possible solutions. The UpStart Conf dedicated to the rapidly developing Russian startup industry was held in the separate stream.

For three days at RIF + CIB 2013 participants attended more than 80 sessions dedicated to the latest trends of Russian Internet: e-commerce, video, geo-targeting, Social Media, Mobile, mobile and Internet advertising, search, HR, SEO, RTB, Internet marketing and many others.

In addition to the conference, participants attended activities and exhibition Internet and Business 2013.